The fabulously ornate Halo & Co is back with three new collections for the girl who is not afraid to sparkle! Preview the collection here first and be sure to check them out in suite #227 with NYC based showroom Group 868!

Indian Summer

India Summer 1.jpg

An eclectic mix of Indian vibrancy offers a sizzling hot color palette to match an Indian festival of rich gold’s, fuchsia pinks and saffron’s.  Tiny gold bells add an ethnic glamor. Shapes are strong and bold. Mix and match, or wear alone. These are accessories to compliment the key designer looks of the season. Great with patterns, prints and plains.

Denim Blues

Denim Blues 1.jpg

New Orleans Blues is a sub-genre of blues music and a variation of Louisiana blues that developed in the 1940s and 1950s in and around the city of New Orleans. Now seeing a revival through the young music of band like The 45s and The Strypes. As a style New Orleans blues is primarily a laid back tempo and complex rhythms falling just behind the beat. Rhythm and Blues of the Deep South are the inspiration for this sexy, strong and confident collection. A blend of Lapis gem stones and modern painted crystals give an urban flavour. The essence is a relaxed sense of style, true grit and rock and roll all combined together. Dress up or down. This is the prefect accessory for a hot summer’s outfit. Pull on your favourite denim shorts and white vest top or a metallic bikini on a Saint Tropez yacht the styling can be as unique as you.

Arizona Heat


Hot and Sandy tones provide the color palette. Tanned saddle leathers and suede strips give a relaxed vibe to an otherwise glamor oozing collection. Dry and arid with a strength of survival are the key notes. Metallic Rose gold stones sit nestled in clear crystals capturing inspiration from the rose gold sunsets. Large Chrysanthemum gem stones, each unique like the raw stone cliffs of the Grand Canyon are a focal element and juxtapose the reflections of the Swarovski stones.


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