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I am so excited to announce that today is our final day of exhibitor reveals at the Metropolitan Pavilion for COUTURE: New York Bridal Fashion Week hosted by The Knot!  As always, it has been so wonderful to reveal which exhibitors will be showing with us at Couture and where they will be located at each of our fabulous venues.  I have four final designers to reveal for you in The Gallery at the Metropolitan Pavilion.  Keep reading to discover where your final favorite exhibitors will be showing their latest and greatest collections at COUTURE!

First up, I am delighted to welcome back  Sara Gabriel Veiling and Headpieces to Couture NYBFW!  Every piece in this couture line of bridal accessories, namely veils and headpieces, is truly unique and ornate.  We are dying to see the latest pieces from Sara Gabriel this weekend. See them yourself in The Gallery at Showroom 430!



Our next exhibitor in The Gallery is another returning Couture exhibitor. Please help me in welcoming back Intuzuri!  This truly global bridal designer continues to create lavish gowns that are always glamorous, playful and feminine.  We love the special attention to lace that Intuzuri frequently features on their gowns and cannot wait to see their newest designs at Couture market!

Continuing with another gorgeous and international exhibitor, I am delighted to welcome Cymbeline to Couture NY! Paris-based Cymbeline brings the fashionable, feminine and intricate details to each of their bridal gowns that is quintessentially Paris, yet perfect for brides across the globe.  You can be sure that we will be visiting Showroom 440 in The Gallery more than once to sneak a peak of these stunners!

Our final exhibitor reveal for Couture: NYBFW is the famed and highly revered Heidi Elnora!  This highly acclaimed wedding gown company was begun by Heidi Elnora in 2006 continuing to draw huge attention in the bridal world.  We love the Southern charm and inspiration found in the Heidi Elnora brand and their bridal gowns.  Not to mention, we absolutely love Heidi’s TLC bridal reality show, Bride By Design, which launched this summer!

This concludes all of our fabulous exhibitors that will be showing with us at Couture: New York Bridal Fashion Week hosted by The Knot.  We hope to see you at the show at the Metropolitan Pavilion this weekend, October 11-13!  Don’t forget, you can still pre-register at the following link: http://coutureshow.com/register-to-attend/.  See you at Couture!

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