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    Your backstage tour of Siren Studios continues! Today, we will make our way into The Hollywood Soundstage- follow along on the map below if you are lost!  

  The “Soundstage” as we say in shorthand Couture lingo is officially named The Cube by Siren Studios.  This 16,000 sq. ft. state of the art facility is the most recent addition to the Siren campus, completed just last year! Boasting a completely soundproof ground floor, 25’ X 25’ elephant door, and even a fiber optic backbone, this brand new  facility is truly top of the line.  Attached is also a 3,000 sq. ft. support annex, which we have dubbed “The Mezzanine”, that will also be housing exhibitors.

     Watch the video below for an inside look at the building and fruition of the Siren Cube (or Couture Soundstage).  I dare you to not be impressed!

     And just which fortunate designers will be showing their newest lines in the impressive Soundstage?  Due to its large size and open floor plan, the Soundstage will be home to ten designers, whom I will unveil in two parts.  First up...as you enter the Soundstage by the patio you will be greeted by Jasmine Bridal, Casablanca Bridal, Venus Bridal and Moonlight Bridal!  We are thrilled that these four fabulous designers are showing at COUTURE: Los Angeles and cannot wait to see their newest collections at market.

     For a special look into their newest collections, see the beautiful photos below.  We can hardly wait to see these gorgeous gowns in person this August!

Jasmine Bridal and Casablanca Bridal 

Jasmine Bridal and Casablanca Bridal 

Venus Bridal and Moonlight Bridal 

Venus Bridal and Moonlight Bridal 

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