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     My name is Kendall and I am part of The Knot’s COUTURE team.   Or, better yet for our purposes, your personal Couture Insider giving you the insider scoop on everything you need to know for our first ever COUTURE: Los Angeles Bridal Market!  We are about 10 weeks away from showtime so places everyone... lights….camera... action!   Time to talk COUTURE L.A.!

     Our inaugural West Coast show will be taking place on August 24th-25th from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Siren Studios.  Siren Studios is located on the famous Sunset Boulevard in the heart of Hollywood.  I can’t think of a more fabulous or fitting location to bring the excitement of making COUTURE bicoastal than right here!  Siren Studios is an independent studio servicing the industry from concept to completion of entertainment production.  Siren is also a full service events and brand marketing company- which is where we come in!  Our COUTURE team has been working closely with the wonderful team at Siren to transform the Siren campus into what will be COUTURE: Los Angeles Bridal Market this August.  Make sure to stay tuned for exclusive interviews with Siren insiders in the coming weeks!

Street view of Siren Studios on Sunset Boulevard - complete with the iconic Hollywood Sign! 

Street view of Siren Studios on Sunset Boulevard - complete with the iconic Hollywood Sign! 

     The campus is comprised of four buildings that together create the cohesive Siren Studios. In the coming weeks leading up to our Bridal Market, I will be highlighting each building and revealing the fabulous designers that will be showing in each one.  And let me tell you- we have wedding gowns to accessories, and everything in between, all together in one fabulous Los Angeles Bridal Market.  We are working around the clock to make COUTURE’s first West Coast Bridal Market a fabulous and memorable event for our exhibitors and attendees. We have a so many new exciting additions to COUTURE that we know you will absolutely love.  I am so excited to be your personal Couture Insider every step of the way and to share COUTURE Los Angeles with you!

COUTURE L.A. Campus Map at Siren Studios 

COUTURE L.A. Campus Map at Siren Studios 

    Stay tuned for weekly updates about everything and anything COUTURE: L.A.

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