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     I am SO excited to reveal some very exciting news today.  I would like to introduce COUTURE: L.A.’s chalkboard artist: Daniel Gilbreath of Daniel Gilbreath Art Studios!  We have been working closely with Daniel over the past couple weeks and are so thrilled to see how he transforms the chalk walls and boards throughout Siren Studios to be perfectly COUTURE.  

Example of Daniel's beautiful chalk creations

Example of Daniel's beautiful chalk creations

         COUTURE: L.A is merely weeks away.  Since joining our team Daniel has been working hard to understand our vision for our first West Coast Bridal Market and we are confident he will bring it to life in the perfect way.  Below is an exclusive interview with the artist himself that offers the true insider scoop with this impressive artist.  Read on to learn a little bit more about the artist, the vision, and continue to get excited for COUTURE: L.A.!

This is our first time working with you, so tell us a little bit about Daniel Gilbreath Art Studios! COUTURE: L.A. will be The Knot's very first West Coast Bridal Market! Why are you excited to have Daniel Gilbreath Art Studios be apart of The Knot's Couture show?

Daniel Gilbreath Art Studios is a company that specializes in all forms of visual artistry. From sculpting to painting to murals to digital graphics, Daniel Gilbreath can do it all. I have been in the art industry going on 12 years now. I started out as a live painter painting for several well known bands around the United States. Touring was a great learning experience and it really helped with my vision and direction of my work. I've been to 3 different colleges to hone my skills in all the mediums I use, learning from the best that the Southern States had to offer. I moved to California around the end of 2009 from Olive Branch, Mississippi to pursue my art career and have never looked back. I have now been working my way through the art community out here on the west coast ever since. I truly love the arts and have immense respect and passion for all artist and styles. I only wish to spread my artwork across the nation and the world, learning and teaching those along the way..

What new and exciting things has Daniel Gilbreath Art Studios been up to recently?

My company does work with Siren Studios a lot but every job/mural is different. There are no two companies/events alike, therefore, no two murals are alike. I think that is why I like working with and through Siren so much. I really like to challenge myself as an artist to see what else is possible. I truly love what I do and I take pride in helping/satisfying a client with their visual arts needs. And, one of the reasons why I'm so excited to work with The Knot's Couture Show is that I have always liked and have been fascinated with fashion. I get to live all of my dreams through the power of art.

We have a specific look and feel that is on-brand with The Knot. What types of designs and plans do you have for the chalk art for COUTURE: L.A. to stay in line with that?

Daniel Gilbreath Art Studios is always excited to bring visual arts to company/business event that usually doesn't have such. I think that creativity comes from everywhere and I can only imagine that creativity of the designers working with The Knot's Couture Show. I'm extremely eager to share the experience with everyone involved and I truly welcome this new and exciting event with optimism. I know that this is the first time that this event has been held in L.A. but I hope that it will not be the last. I know that it will be great and I'm very happy to have this opportunity. I think that not only I can help the event look and feel amazing, but I also hope to gain new lifelong friends and connections along this great journey.

We know that you work with Siren Studios frequently.  How do you foresee working with The Knot and COUTURE will be similar/different from previous jobs?

The Knot's Couture Show look and feel is very much an inspiration to what I have and would like to create. I picture elegance, beauty, grace, and style. With all of these aspects the creation process is nothing short of inspiring. I have thought a lot about the company and what you do and I have put together some really awesome things that I know you will enjoy. Dress design sketches, Logos, Flower Bouquets, and Lace Patterns just to name a few.

Any final remarks that you would like COUTURE: L.A. attendees to know before our show kicks off August 24th?

Daniel Gilbreath Art Studios is always moving forward with new and innovating art concepts and designs. The company has been growing faster and faster now reaching other states across the nation. From logo designs to business cards and fliers, the design work of Daniel Gilbreath is never done. I am soon to launch two new company brands and I'm also working on my own clothing line. I'm very excited and I know that this is just the beginning for D.G. Art Studios. Lastly, please feel free to contact me for any visual art related projects or opportunities. I'm always looking for other wonderful things/events to challenge myself. I can provide much needed visual style to any home or office and commission works upon request. My hours are flexible and my rates are competitive. I can work with the ideas of the client to come up with multiple designs for their liking.

     From the examples of his work and his responses, I am sure you will agree with us that Daniel Gilbreath Art Studios will be a fabulous addition to the COUTURE: L.A. team.  Click on the buttons below to see more of Daniel’s work!  We are already daydreaming of the “elegance, beauty, grace, and style” we have coming our way! 

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