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     Today I am delighted to share an interview with the lovely women behind Association of Wedding Gown Specialists.  A prominent figure in the bridal industry, the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists provides top-of-the-line care for cleaning, preservation and restoration to ensure your special gown maintains its best value over time.  Make sure to stop by the Couture Court where AWGS will station their “Buyers Lounge” to enjoy complimentary refreshments and emergency stain removers.  The photographs included below are real brides that have used various members from the world to clean and preserve their wedding gowns!  And now for our exclusive interview...

This is our first COUTURE show on the West Coast! What are your thoughts about that?

It’s a terrific opportunity to get in touch with designers and buyers from a totally different part of the country (as we are located on the East Coast and usually don't see people from this region and international locations).  This is exciting because it’ll be a completely different audience than what we’ve had before.

Photographer credit: Arden Photography 

Photographer credit: Arden Photography 

What do you feel The Knot's first Los Angeles Couture show means for the West Coast bridal salons?

For the West Coast salons, it’s an expensive and costly trip to come out to the East Coast to meet with the designers.  Bringing the show to them on the West Coast makes it much easier for them to see the latest designs as well as saving them time and money from having to take a trip out East (not to mention being away from their shops and families for an extended period of time).

Why are you excited about this Couture show?

As mentioned before, we are very excited to meet with designers that haven’t been out to the East Coast shows.  And unlike New York where you have to run around all over the city to be able to see everyone, this LA show is exciting because all of the designers will be in one location—making it extremely convenient!

Photographer credit: Mary Margaret Smith 

Photographer credit: Mary Margaret Smith 

What can your West Coast stores expect at Couture LA from AWGS?  

They can expect to learn more about our high-quality,reliable gown cleaning and preservation services.  Our services are an easy-to-use, additional profit center, and they can work directly with nearby Specialists.

In what ways do you feel LA will be different/similar from The Knot's New York Couture shows?  The casual but glamorous Hollywood atmosphere will be different and exciting, but we also know LA Couture will also offer the same stylish, high-energy, and elegant venue offered by The Knot in New York.

What new and exciting things has AWGS been up to recently?

AWGS has been busy expanding our membership network in Australia, and Sally Conant, our Executive Director, will speak to Australasian dry cleaners at Twin Clean in Sydney in August. We’ve also launched a blogging series called Real Bride Spotlight where we feature real brides who have gotten their gowns cleaned and preserved from our members around the world.

Photographer credit: Sean Batty of My Little Eye Photography 

Photographer credit: Sean Batty of My Little Eye Photography 

Can you talk a little bit about the role AWGS plays in the bridal industry regarding cleaning, preservation, and restoration of gowns?

We believe the overall standards for cleaning and preservation have improved thanks in large part to our Specialists who are active in seven countries.  As a group, we were the first to offer a completely acid-free wedding chest with an international guarantee honored by members represented in more than 500 cities around the world.  We are also the first and only service to offer green gown preservations.  We have also worked closely with designers and manufacturers to develop care labels with language that protects them from gown damage caused by careless cleaners.

Any final remarks that you would like COUTURE: L.A attendees to know before our show kicks off August 24th?  

We invite both designers and buyers to visit our Buyers Lounge for refreshments and pick up one of our emergency stain removers.  We also have samples of our free embroidered care labels that couture designers such as Romona Keveza, Justin Alexander, Augusta Jones, Madeleine Fig and many others sew into gowns so brides can find a trusted gown care Specialist before or after the wedding.

        Enjoy the video above on wedding dress preservation tips that Storage.com did with Association member, Omaha Lace Cleaners!   Thank you to the lovely women at Association of Wedding Gown Specialists for sharing their thoughts and remarks about AWGS and COUTURE: L.A.  We will see them, and you, at Siren Studios in a few short weeks. 

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