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     Today we have another exclusive interview to share with you with another vital part of our COUTURE: Los Angeles team.  We were able to sit down with the incredibly talented Oscar Varela, Art Director of The Atwater Art Company.  Oscar and The Atwater Art Company frequently transform the walls and spaces of Siren Studios into unique, memorable and creative designs specific to the event occurring.  We knew we had to have them be apart of COUTURE: L.A. to create the signage to promote COUTURE and all of our wonderful exhibitors and sponsors that will be involved.  We invite you to read on to get to know more about The Atwater Art Company and their vision for COUTURE: L.A. at Siren Studios!

This is our first time working with you, so tell us a little bit about The Atwater Art Company!

THE ATWATER ART COMPANY is a boutique full service design studio.  We offer a full range of services, ranging from design to branding to marketing materials to event signage.  We are dedicated to providing the very best service possible by offering full attention to each client and understanding each individual needs.

The Atwater Art Co interior signage at Siren Digital 

The Atwater Art Co interior signage at Siren Digital 

COUTURE: L.A. will be The Knot's very first West Coast Bridal Market!  Why are you excited to have The Atwater Art Company be a part of The Knot's Couture show?

As a native Angeleno, I have seen the changes and progress of Los Angeles happening.  While LA is a beautiful, fashion forward city, we anticipate that The Knot will bring to this show some truly amazing surprises and challenges.  As a designer and installer, I love to be challenged and try things that push the company forward.  This event will challenge The Atwater Art Company to that next level.  I can’t wait!

We have a very specific type of look and feel that is on-brand with The Knot. What types of designs and plans do you have for the signage for COUTURE: L.A.? 
As a designer, it is my job to stay true to my client’s needs.  Therefore, we want to stay consistent with The Knot’s branding and colors in the pallet.  One of the things we will incorporate is the use of color to help guide attendees around the event.

The Atwater Art Co custom vinyl signage 

The Atwater Art Co custom vinyl signage 

We know that you work with Siren Studios frequently.  How do you foresee working with The Knot and COUTURE will be similar/different from previous jobs?

Working with Siren Studios is truly amazing! This location is perfect and so vast that the possibilities to brand are endless. Siren Studios is like a giant canvas and each event is a new art piece being created.   Working with The Knot will give us the opportunity to try things we have never done before and look at the space from another view. I foresee this experience as enlightening, challenging and rewarding.

What new and exciting things has The Atwater Art Company been up to recently? 

The event aspect of our business has been keeping us very busy lately.  We have had the opportunity of working with nonprofits as well as the entertainment business and some of the major studios such as The Walt Disney Company, Sony Studios and the Motion Picture Sound Editors’ Guild.

Any final remarks that you would like COUTURE: L.A attendees to know before our show kicks off August 24th?

I want to welcome everyone to Los Angeles. This event will prove to be a real treat that will be the talk of the town!  Congrats to The Knot on the first ever Couture show in LA!  

The Atwater Art Co custom sign for NATIVE

The Atwater Art Co custom sign for NATIVE

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