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     Today we have a very exciting personal interview to share with you!  We had the chance to sit down with our very own Leslie Karrer of The Knot to hear her take on our first West Coast show.  Leslie is a Fashion Account Executive at The Knot and personally works with several of the exhibitors and attendees that will be at COUTURE: Los Angeles Bridal Market.  Naturally, Leslie is very excited about our first West Coast Bridal Market, and judging from her answers, she has all the right reasons to be! We hope this interview continues to excite and inform you about COUTURE: Los Angeles!

This is our first Couture show on the West Coast! What are your thoughts about that?

Personally and professionally, I could not be more ecstatic about the launch of COUTURE Los Angeles!  The need for a West Coast bridal market was clear, and it’s so exciting to see our long time plans come to fruition.  The Knot is committed to connecting our valued retail and wholesale industry partners nationwide, so the addition of COUTURE Los Angeles is a natural fit.

What does our first Los Angeles Couture show mean for the West Coast bridal salons?

In visiting all of the bridal markets over the years, it’s apparent that salon owners typically prefer to travel regionally to markets in their area.  With the lack of a West Coast market over the last few years, the launch of COUTURE LA will bring a much needed service to countless bridal salons & designers.  The opportunity to see and touch a sample gown is immeasurable when making important purchasing decisions, so we are thrilled to be providing this service for our manufacturers and retailers.  COUTURE Los Angeles is easily accessible which should mean reduced travel costs for bridal salons and strong attendance.  It’s positive all around.

Liz Miller, Local Strategy Specialist for The Knot and Leslie Karrer, Fashion Account Executive for The Knot on Siren Studios rooftop 

Liz Miller, Local Strategy Specialist for The Knot and Leslie Karrer, Fashion Account Executive for The Knot on Siren Studios rooftop 

Why are you excited about this Couture show?

Where do I start?  First, I am excited to meet all of the retailers who have not had the opportunity to go to market in the past due to travel limitations.  It will be great to connect with all of the salon owners who support The Knot and COUTURE.  Second, this Couture show is going to have a completely different look from any other bridal market.  It’s edgy, innovative and new.  I mean, we get to hang out at a Hollywood soundstage for two days…how cool is that?  Couture Los Angeles will be anything but status quo.  We are especially looking forward to our cocktail party on Sunday evening, which has an amazing view of the Hollywood sign.  After all… this industry has a lot of glitz and glamour, so we need to accentuate that at the most fabulous event in LA!

What can your West Coast stores expect at Couture LA?

All of the retailers in attendance can expect an energetic environment featuring a wide array of designers at various price points.  The Knot will also have a beautiful retailer lounge, complete with Moroccan-inspired décor, a variety of healthy snacks, and agua frescas.  We’ll be offering discounted marketing services for new and current clients, which is a fantastic opportunity for bridal salons to save on their marketing costs.

How can your West Coast retailers/stores prepare for Couture LA?

Take a look at CoutureShow.com and check out our list of exhibitors.  Register and then make plans of who you’d like to see and utilize the full two days that we’ll have at Siren Studios.  We’ve purposely scheduled this show for Sunday and Monday, when lots of salons are closed.  Hop a quick flight or jump in the car and arrive on Saturday night so that you have all day Sunday and Monday to shop (and come visit The Knot in our retailer lounge, too)!  

In what ways do you feel LA will be different/similar from NY Couture shows?

I think this Couture Show will be quintessentially LA: edgy yet laid back.  We’ll have all the variety and amenities that you’ve come to expect from our sister show in New York, all with a distinctive West Coast flair.

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