Samantha Sleeper

Samantha Sleeper

Hello Couture world!

We have come to the final exhibitor reveals in the Grand Pavilion at the Metropolitan Pavilion for COUTURE: New York Bridal Fashion Week!  As you can see from the amount of posts thus far, this are of Couture NY is clearly grand.  Let us continue…

Along with bridal designers, Couture NY is proud to also promote services in the bridal industry.  With that being said, we are so excited to welcome to the Metropolitan Pavilion!  This incredible service is an all-in-one bridal shop software that is accessible anytime and anywhere.  Count us in!

Our next Couture NY exhibitor brings a contemporary and worldly take on bridal designs.  We are so happy to welcome Lakum to Couture’s NYBFW! Lakum is a truly timeless brand that produces elegant and culturally aware designs.  We cannot wait to see the newest line this October!

Next up in the Grand Pavilion is a Couture show returnee, welcome back to the fabulous Samantha Sleeper!  We cannot get enough of the bohemian and alternative take on bridal gowns that Samantha Sleeper creates. This is an absolute must-see for anyone looking for unique gowns for the fashionable and earthy bride!

    And what does every bride need to complete their bridal look? Jewelry, of course! Look no further than Couture NY exhibitor Thomas Laine!  You will find gorgeous jewelry and accessories for bridal or formal occasions in Showroom X!

Our final exhibitor reveal in the Grand Pavilion is the incredible Lori London!  Creating true artisan work, Lori London’s designs are each created to enhance the wearer’s natural beauty.  We cannot wait to see the silk flowers, jewelry, veils, feathers and sashes from this impressive designer!

That concludes the Grand Pavilion exhibitor reveals for Couture NYBFW!  We are excited beyond words about all of these fabulous designers- and this is only one floor of the Couture show! Stay tuned as I continue to reveal the rest of our impressive roster for Couture NYBFW at the Metropolitan Pavilion.

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